Best Politician 2021 | U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson | Best Restaurants, Bars, Clubs, Music and Stores in Miami

Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images

Frederica Wilson means much more to Miami than her iconic, colorful headgear suggests. She has fought for underrepresented minorities for years, first as principal of the Skyway Elementary School in Miami Gardens, then as a member of the Miami-Dade school board, the Florida legislature and, since 2011, of Congress. Before taking the oath of office, Florida’s 24. During her tenure, she went head-to-toe with Donald Trump during his presidency, including toasting the president for mistaking a phone call with a grieving widow of a U.S. soldier. She is never silent when it comes to injustice – she has remained vocal about U.S. aid to Haiti following the president’s recent assassination, helped Edgewater residents negotiate evictions with their landlords, and more. (By the way, she is always well dressed because she takes inspiration from her grandmother.)

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