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In July, the Miami Herald said Wynwood had “lost its hipster crown,” and LawnStarter had named Fort Lauderdale the fourth best city for hipsters. (Who tells the Herald it’s been years since hipsters thought Wynwood was cool?) What is Miami’s real hipster epicenter? That would be the Upper East Side. Thanks to (semi) affordable rents and oh-so-hip shops, the area is popular with the initiated. But what sets it apart is the Biscayne Corridor, where kitschy, neon-lit motels dot the landscape and a main thoroughfare manages to feel intimate. (Once Biscayne Boulevard reaches the North Miami city limits, it becomes a six-lane monstrosity and all bets are taken.) You can take a gastronomic trip down the Strip, with stops like El Bagel, Phuc Yea, Cafe Kush, Tigre, Chica and Ms. Cheezious, or check out hangouts like the Vagabond Hotel, Selina Miami Gold Dust, and, a bit off the boulevard on 79th Street, Anderson. By the way, Herald: everyone knows the best hipster cities are the ones clickbaity sites don’t write about.

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