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Photo courtesy Dos Croquetas

Miami loves croquettes for a good reason: The small fried cylinders are pure joy. Most croquetas are filled with ham, chicken or cod, but if you want to improve your game, Dos Croquetas Croqueta Bar will blow your mind with its exceptional flavors. The small restaurant in Westchester offers creamy bacon and cheese croquettes, bacon cheddar burgers, buffalo chicken, and fried chicken. However, for the ultimate experience, try the 305, which is filled with picadillo, sweet plantains, and queso. How do they pack all of that flavor into one tiny, two-bite bite? Call it magic or the work of the talented duo behind the place, Alec Fernandez and Vicky Carballo. There are also croquettes for vegetarians and vegans here. A flight of six croquetas costs $ 11.99, and individual ones are $ 1.99 each. Do you wanna spread love Dos Croquetas ships pre-cooked frozen croquetas across the United States; the grateful recipient just needs to heat and eat.

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