Barack Obama to return to Miami for Joe Biden ahead of Election Day

Last week, the former president gathered Biden supporters in Miami.

Former President the day before election day Barack Obama I’ll make another stop in Miami to try to give Florida back to the Democrats and the presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Obama hosted a drive-in rally in north Miami last week and will return to the region on Monday as the Democrats attempt to identify critical minority voters in an attempt to deal a death blow to the president Donald TrumpCampaign by winning Florida.

Biden’s presidential campaign has not revealed any further details for Obama’s upcoming visit.

With Biden as his colleague, the former president won the state by 3 percentage points in 2008 John McCainand in 2012 by less than 1 point more Mitt Romney. president Donald Trump won the state in 2016, defeating the Democrat Hillary Clinton by a little more than 1 point.

Obama remains one of the most unified and popular figures in the democratic grassroots. His arrival on the 2020 scene last week in Philadelphia after that decline to advocate in the primary came less than two weeks from the November 3rd general election.

The night before Obama’s performance – and likely early morning – Trump will gather supporters from Miami-Dade County in Grandpa-locka. This rally marks the sixth such event the President has held in the Sunshine State this month alone.

Election officials say Florida and its 29 electoral votes are a must for Trump if he is running for a second term.

Days after his last visit to Miami, Obama also rallied Biden supporters in Orlando and credited his vice president with having become a better president. During his 39-minute speech, he painted his successor as someone who was not up to the task and bothered to do the necessary work, while instead sowing division, anger and racial hostility at home and disrespect abroad.

“I didn’t think Donald Trump would embrace my vision or my policies, but I was hoping for the country’s sake that he would show an interest in taking the job seriously. But he didn’t, ”said Obama.

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