Arsht Center’s AileyCamp Miami Returns for 11th Season

The Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami-Dade County (@arshtcenter) today announced plans for the 11th season of AileyCamp Miami, an award-winning free summer camp that uses dance as a personal development tool for hundreds of teenagers in Miami. To celebrate its continued success, the Arsht Center is hosting a master class led by one of South Florida’s most sought-after hip-hop teachers, Tawanna Hall.

AileyCamp Miami 2019 culminates in a grand finale on the Swanee and Paul DiMare Stage of the Knight Concert Hall, where campers show off their dancing skills and even some of their own spoken word compositions. The Imagine Us performance is FREE and passes can now be reserved at

For more than 10 years, AileyCamp Miami has empowered the lives of more than 1,000 public middle school students in Miami-Dade County, opening their world to opportunities well beyond the six-week program. Former campers have been enrolled in prestigious performing arts programs, graduated with arts and science degrees, and paid off by creating nonprofits and mentoring AileyCamp Miami.

“AileyCamp Miami is more than a camp. It is a haven for our youth to develop an appreciation for the arts and the confidence to step out of their comfort zones and achieve greatness,” said Jairo Ontiveros, vice president, arts education and engagement in the community for the Arsht Center. “Our camp is proof that the arts can be a powerful vehicle when they are accessible, diverse and inclusive.”

This year the center is introducing a new master class led by Tawanna Hall, one of the most respected hip hop / funk master teachers in South Florida. Her fresh, physical style and energetic movements were performed by some of the most talented dancers and renowned dance studios in the country. Now she shares her techniques with the campers at AileyCamp Miami.

To further expand AileyCamp Miami’s network of community support, the Arsht Center again includes a mentoring initiative that will bring AileyCamp Miami campers together with alumni for a series of mentoring activities in the summer of 2019. The aim of this initiative is to achieve a positive culture of influence and support for personal development among young people who share the experience of AileyCamp Miami.

“For many of our campers it is inconceivable to visualize a life full of endless possibilities until they visit AileyCamp Miami. In just six weeks, the impossible becomes possible when our campers begin to reduce their fears and reach their unlimited potential,” said Ontiveros. “We are privileged to have the opportunity to improve the lives of young teenagers in our community and help them begin their journey.”

AileyCamp Miami has gained national recognition in Miami and widespread recognition as a positive force for underserved youth in Miami. In 2016, the White House recognized the program with the National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award – the country’s highest honor for creative youth development programs. Most recently, AileyCamp Miami was awarded the Children’s Trust’s 2017 Champions of Children program.

The AileyCamp Miami is produced and funded by the Arsht Center with public and private support in collaboration with the Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation. The camp uses the power of dance as a means to develop self-esteem, self-discipline, creative expression, and critical thinking skills in vulnerable public middle school students. AileyCamp Miami campers learn four primary dance forms – ballet, modern, West Africa and jazz – as well as communication skills and take personal development courses that focus on everything from body image and nutrition to conflict resolution, bullying and substance abuse prevention. The Arsht Center provides free transportation, meals, dance clothes, and uniforms to all campers.

AileyCamp Miami has built a solid foundation of community support from a growing number of local foundations, corporations, and individuals who believe in the power of the Young Life Improvement Program. In 2019, the program will be made possible with support from Adrienne Arsht, the Batchelor Foundation, the Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation, the Green Family Foundation, and the Genesis Motor America Foundation with additional support from Ira and Carole Hall. Children’s trust; Carnival Foundation; Himan Brown Charitable Trust; The Kirk Foundation; Marian and David Rocker; TriMix Foundation; The Miami Foundation; The charitable foundation Israel, Rose, Henry & Robert Wiener; GOYA; Irma and Norman Braman Philanthropic Fund; Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, Miami-Dade County Department of Culture and Cultural Affairs Council; the State of Florida, the Department of State, the Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture; and friends of AileyCamp Miami.

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