Arepitas Bar is opening at Time Out Market Miami

Go over there, bagel. There is a new favorite vessel for smoked salmon, cheese and all kinds of delicious toppings: a Colombian arepa. We owe this delicious discovery to Arepitas Bar, the newest restaurant in Time Out Market Miami, which opens this Friday the 7th.

Arepitas is Chef Cesar Zapata’s delicious ode to his Colombian roots – a chance to get creative and tossing Miami-style arepas like this city has never seen before. That salmon mentioned? It’s a delicatessen hit with cheese, onions, capers and all the spices sprinkled on top. There’s also a buffalo chicken combo with hot sauce, coleslaw, and blue cheese crumble that is sure to replace any of your game day meals.

The Medellín-born chef not only delights us with his version of the classic cornmeal cakes – which are thick and tasty, with an incredibly crispy exterior and a soft, doughy interior – but also gives us a new twist, the Bandeja Paisa, Colombia’s signature dish, to experience . The plate dish is called Cazuela de Abuela and it’s barely recognizable in the shape of a bowl, but believe us, this mound of rice, beans, sizzling chicharrón, chorizo, avocado, plantains and a fried egg topper will get you to bed just as quickly as the original.

Arepitas Bar opens this Friday in true Colombian fashion with an aguardiente fueled celebration not to be missed. RSVP and get a free shot. Buy something at the restaurant and get a free shot. Basically, it’s like Oprah planned the party because everyone is going to get footage of Aguardiente.

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