7 Wonders: Miami Architecture | Wonderland Magazine

We look forward to Miami’s Art Basel Week with a look at the seductive Art Deco architecture of the city.

Art Basel Week in Miami is just around the corner from December 1st to 4th and The Magic City’s close relationship with art and design makes it an ideal backdrop for art extravaganza. When we hear Miami, we think of a hyper-real dream landscape. Winding retro hotels and movie palaces in South Beach, waving palm trees, burning sunsets and pink flamingos. Our associations come from the city’s Art Deco movement in the 30s and 40s with its curved edges and corners, the striking symmetry, the eyebrow window hangings, the steep roofs and relief facades, the porthole windows and the neon lighting.

One of the things that make American Art Deco so intriguing has to be its slightly creepy factor, a sublime, sugary ghostliness (probably the reason the design often gets used to horror movies, think “Suspiria”, “House of Wax” It feels like those subtly eerie vibes have a lot to do with the grand facades of the buildings and the dark secrets they might be hiding in. It’s the mask-like, mysterious nature of these buildings which continues to fascinate us, and aside from the creepiness, the design blends seamlessly with Miami’s natural, funky tropical landscape, which is full of nautical vibes and lots of pastels and flowers. Really a delight for the eyes and imagination and a major factor in Miami’s status as a cultural center.

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