5 Miami Restaurants Guaranteed To Hit The Spot

Sometimes you just feel like going on an adventure. Now you can travel to distant lands without ever stepping into an airport at these Miami restaurants that offer multicultural cuisine.

Abbale Telavivian breakfast

Abbale Telavivian cuisine

Committed to tradition, the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine is rooted in the power of the family heritage, which has given its dishes an incomparable depth for decades. Co-founder of the popular Pura Vida brand, Omer Horev is partnering with Israeli-influenced chef Sam Gorenstein on a new journey with the opening of Abbale Telavivian Kitchen. “Abba”, translated as “father, papa, papi”, reminds us of the importance in the family tradition, while the two fathers join forces to present their latest culinary jewel. The modern bistro-style restaurant is located in Miami Beach and offers delicious dishes all day long that are so authentic that guests are transported to the heart of the Middle East. From a classic fattoush salad to stone-baked vegetables and homemade pastries, the healthy, fresh menu offers a melting pot of the region’s most famous flavors. As the duo expand their iconic kitchen-based line, they welcome you to their new home. 864 Commerce St., Miami Beach, @abbatlv

The exterior of Shelter Wynwood

Shelter’s fried half chicken


Known for its perfectly executed wood-fired kitchen and chic cabin-style interior, the Shelter makes its way from Brooklyn to Wynwood in a welcoming setting. As a perfect complement to the bohemian quarter, which is valued for its rich culture and artistic flair, Shelter invites its guests to make themselves comfortable in the cozy restaurant and to serve dishes that warm the palate and heart of its guests. Explore fine rustic cuisine that highlights the Italian and Argentinian roots of their creators, including steamed clams with crispy, fire-roasted bread. crispy artichokes with pecorino cheese dip; fried half chicken; slowly braised, double-grated pork ribs; and of course a selection of innovative empanadas. The BBQ piggy empanadas are a must, as is the humita, which is made with corn, spring onions, nutmeg and bechamel. Whichever direction your desires take you, rest assured, you will be received with great joy in an atmosphere that will whisk you away from Miami. 10 NE 27th St., Miami, @sheltermiami

Selection of decadent dishes from Hapa Kitchen Ha

Hapa cuisine and gastronomy

Say goodbye to the days of long, tiring flights to soak up island culture. Now you can enjoy Hawaiian cuisine in Miami thanks to the city’s newest concept, Hapa Kitchen and Eatery, which delivers authentic Hawaiian home-style cooking. His name pays homage to the co-founder and CEO of Sullivan Hospitality Group, Neil Sullivan, as “Hapa” means “half”. Born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii, Sullivan thought there was no more appropriate way to bring something of his original home to his new home with the island-inspired restaurant. With strong influences from Asian and European cultures, the Hapa Kitchen and Eatery menu explores a “build your own” concept, offering six types of poke and authentic Hawaiian sources of protein, including Kalua Pork and Garlic Furikake Chicken. The Loco Moco is a must, hailed as the island’s hangover cure – consisting of rice, a minced meat patty with sauce and a fried egg. 1601 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach, @hapakitchenandeatery

Antojitos starters musjillones al chipotle from Mayami Mexicantina

MAYAMI Mexicantina & Bar

Immersing yourself in Miami’s exotic, vibrant culture leaves an unstoppable craving for dining experiences strong enough to live up to the city’s cultured energy. While Miami has its fair share of taquerias and tequila bars, no restaurant represents the city more than one that offers diners a dining experience dominated by true Mexican cuisine in an upscale yet upbeat party atmosphere. Located in the heart of Wynwood, the MAYAMI Mexicantina & Bar embodies the soul of the city with fiery dishes and a colorful interior. Start your culinary journey of discovery with the delicious Fundidos de Queso and end the night with a round of mezcal shots infused with insects as you experience Chef Juan Carlos Flores’s wide range of authentic regional Mexican dishes made with artisanal ingredients. The indoor and outdoor restaurant and lounge bring you Miami’s trendy metropolitan flair and let yourself be enchanted by the lively ambience that will satisfy both your taste buds and your plans for Friday evening. Passionate, spirited and undeniably delicious, MAYAMI invites you to relax in the presence of a refined yet traditional cuisine. 127 NW 23rd St., Miami, @mayamiwynwood

Grilled palm hearts

Rosemary Martini from Perl by Chef IP

Perl from Boss IP

Acclaimed private chef Isaac Perlman finally showed his talents to the public when he debuted his very first brick-and-mortar restaurant, Perl by Chef IP, in North Miami Beach. With his refined expertise and superb service delivered to high-end homes across Miami for over a decade, diners will enjoy the chef’s clean and intricate menu, which includes everything from raw dishes to meat, includes cooked vegetables and more. Start your meal with the refreshing citrus-ripened grouper carpaccio and make your way to the crispy maitake mushroom, which ends on a decadent note with the kosher bone-in ribeye in red miso marinade and crispy leek. Stroll through the stunning 2,000-square-foot restaurant, five-seat boutique Crudo bar area, expansive terrace or 5,000-square-foot rooftop, where you’ll be greeted with warm hospitality and an experience that offers a cultural journey from start to finish. 2420 NE Miami Gardens Drive, Miami, @perl_restaurant


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