3 Chicagoans missing in Florida condo collapse in Surfside near Miami

CHICAGO (WLS) – Two Chicago residents are among the 99 people who went missing overnight after the collapse of a condo building in Surfside, Florida.

Ilan Naibryf attends the University of Chicago and is a member of the student council on campus.

Dick Augustine, 77, a native of Chicago, is also missing. His daughter said her father was due to fly to Chicago for a weekend visit tonight. He has just returned from the west coast, said Debbie Hill, and is packing his bags to visit her.

“It was supposed to fly in today,” said Hill. “He just finished a trip with my brother in California and went home to pack his bags and he came to spend the weekend here.

CLOCK: Video from the surveillance camera shows the moment of the collapse of the Surfside building

Hill said she received a call about the collapse in the middle of the night and is still waiting to hear from Florida authorities. She said she saw a video of the collapse and her father’s unit was among those seen falling.

“It was right in the corner where the buildings met,” she said. “Yeah, that was pretty scary. And of course I immediately tried to call him and his phone went straight to the mailbox. “

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The third missing Chicago native is Juan Mora, a Loyola University graduate who the Miami Herald reported was visiting his parents at the time of the breakdown. Juan Mora Sr. and Ana Mora, who were born in Cuba, live in Champlain Towers. All three are missing.

A wing of the 12-story building in Surfside Parish collapsed with a loud roar at around 1:30 a.m. Nearly 100 people were still missing by late afternoon, authorities said, raising fears that the death toll could soar. The officers did not know how many were in the tower when it collapsed.

Dozens of survivors were pulled out, and rescuers desperately searched for more.

Teams of 10 to 12 rescuers each entered the rubble with dogs and other gear, worked until they tired of heavy lifting, and then made way for a new team, said Jimmy Patronis, Florida State’s chief financial officer, the state’s fire marshal .

“They won’t quit just because of dark,” Patronis told WPLG in Miami. “You may have another path to go.”

The oceanfront condo was built in 1981. There have been a few two bedroom units on the market with asking prices ranging from $ 600,000 to $ 700,000.

The area has a mix of new and old apartments, houses, condominiums, and hotels, with restaurants and shops catering to an international mix of residents and tourists. Among the residents of the neighborhood are snow birds, Russian immigrants, and Orthodox Jewish families.

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