15 Romantic Things to Do in Florida for Couples

With white sand beaches, year-round sunshine, and exquisite restaurants, Florida is an obvious choice if you are looking for your next romantic American getaway. There are tons of fun things for couples to do in Florida while remaining spontaneous and romantic at the same time.

“For a romantic trip to Florida and a luxury hotel stay, I would estimate at least $ 1,000 per day if you are traveling between December and July. You could get away with it cheaper in the off-season, ”reveals Florida-based travel consultant Kristina Miller.

Meet the expert

Kristina Miller is a Florida-based travel consultant with Wanderlust Travel Adventures, a virtuoso agency.

As for the best time to go, Miller says the Florida winter season is beautiful. “The days are often sunny and hovering in the high 70s. In the spring the beaches start to warm up. And even though the summer is hot and humid, it’s great beach weather when the ocean feels like bathing water. “If you come here in the fall there may be more afternoon thunderstorms and hurricane risks, but Miller claims there are often amazing offerings, especially for restaurants and spas.

Taking your romantic journey to the next level is never a bad idea either. “Ask your hotel to set up a private dinner on the beach surrounded by candles, or choose a room with an expansive balcony with an ocean view. Some hotels even have private plunge pools, ”she offers.

Are you looking for a romantic getaway with your significant other? Read on for 15 Fun Things To Do For Couples In Florida.

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