$1.25M condo designed by Oscar Glottman overlooks The Miami Beach Golf Course

Unit # 307 of 2001 Meridian is all about location, location, location.

While the two bedroom, two and a half bathroom property overlooks the Miami Beach Golf Course, you are only a drive away from shopping on Lincoln Road and sunny Sunset Harbor.

The 2,058 square meter property was designed by architect Oscar Glottoman and uses lighting and an open floor plan to create spaciousness.

Further highlights are the first-class kitchen appliances in the apartment and the in-house communal pool. There is parking for three or more cars.

HOA fees are steep at $ 1,593 / month but cover all of the amenities the building has to offer.

If you need more space this is an even bigger deal for you: the unit next door is the same owner and the two can be sold together.

  • 2001 Meridian, No. 307, Miami Beach [Tier One Properties]

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